u go Riz Ahmed. Let’s hope you never run into Simon Pegg


One more reason to love Riz!!!


I don’t know how the hell the prequels have acquired defenders, but they don’t deserve your support. Those movies were about grown-up topics? That’s nice; they still fail on every level of filmmaking. I honestly don’t know what people are trying to prove by watching them anymore than is necessary. The dialogue is rote, lifeless word salad and the actors deliver it with all the enthusiasm of an undertaker with foot rot. Every scene is filmed on a tiny green soundstage which means all they can do is walk this way, that way, this way, that way, not too quickly or the camera will run out of track, shot, reverse shot, shot, reverse shot, honestly even just remembering this fucking trilogy is painful. Everyone and their grandma now has a lightsaber, which are now about as special/noteworthy as glow sticks at the Electric Daisy Carnival, which is to say they blur together and you want to vomit but your costume’s too expensive. I know we always have to re-examine the prejudices of yesteryear, but trust me, the prequels are hated with good reason.