i need to make a payment of over $1000 on Mon 31st Oct to retain my temporary housing because i have literally nowhere else to go after an alternative housing plan fell through. i have a rather serious physical disability so i can’t be housed in shared apartments where i would be vulnerable to attacks, cannot go up any steps, need to live close to medical centres, etc. there have been very limited donations in the past few days and the consequent risk of homelessness is very real and frightening.
please donate: gofundme.com/hmnad


ok specifically there’s about $1,400 left to raise within the next day, this is particularly because donations are now in AUD because my USD based PayPal payment processor isn’t working. that’s a lot of money but i really have no other options right now but to stay where I am. i’ve called homelessness services which explicitly said that they cannot provide services for someone with my disability (in spite of how it is overwhelmingly more dangerous for someone like me to be homeless lol) and my applications for apartments have also fallen through. this overpriced room is the only thing between myself and homelessness right now.