I finished iZombie! It was super good! Some thoughts I have had during the watching of it:

-I really like Major. I never expected to like him as much as I do, but I really do. Ravi is a close-second fave

-Blaine and Ravi’s fight scene set to Friday I’m In Love is my favourite, favourite scene in the entire show. Second favourite is the sequence set to One Day More, for reasons that are obvious if you know me

-Blaine (especially towards the end of season 2) is a loving rip-off of Spike, very obviously, and somehow it works

-I wish Liv’s family hadn’t been written out of the show in so unsatisfying a way. I really want to know what happened there, do they even still talk to her, what’s going on?

-Haha Vaughn, you got what was coming to you. (’Villain hoist by his own petard as hero watches’ is probably my favourite kind of villain death, see also Ramsay Bolton)

-The punny title cards are the BEST, and more shows should have them