So last summer in France I bought the French translation of the Arai manga volumes 1-2, but in a manga store today I picked up 6, because that’s the only one they had I didn’t, and when I open it to BEAUTIFUL FULL COLOR ENJOLRAS how could I not buy it ??? I’ll get 3-5 eventually lol…

But I’m amused/confused why they transcribed Enjolras as Anjolras. What. I mean, it makes sense as the katakana would begin with ア but. It’s odd they wouldn’t default to the French spelling!! I thought it was just R’s pronunciation, but nope, it’s used by other characters elsewhere too lol

And then, Montparnasse looking especially vampiric, which delighted me to no end. I’ve just flipped through and haven’t read it yet, but if anyone wants any pics/transcriptions of certain parts, or translation for that matter, let me know!!!