Whom would the Brooklyn 99 crew pick as their favourite Star Wars character? (Sorry, I’m quite fond of ‘what would the Brooklyn 99 crew pick for X’ memes AS LONG AS THEY’RE NOT TERRIBLE, VULTURE MAGAZINE) I think-

Jake: Says it’s Han Solo; secretly it’s Luke
Amy: Has only ever seen The Force Awakens (was taken to the midnight showing by Jake). Likes Poe best, with Rey a close second.
Holt: Obi-Wan. Can wax lyrical for hours about Ewan McGregor’s portrayal vs Alec Guiness’s
Rosa: Either Darth Maul or Boba Fett (or both)
Terry: Likes Lando the best, but also has a lifelong crush on Leia
Boyle: Once asked Jake who the cool guy with the blaster was; Jake told him “Jar Jar”
Gina: Claims to have never seen Star Wars, but owns a replica of at least one of Padme’s costumes