Help my dad legally stay in the U.S


As some of you might already know, my parents and brothers were both immigrants from Mexico. In 2010, my father was caught by immigration and spent a 1-2 months in prison. He was allowed to come back into the U.S until his court date (which has been moved back every year – his court is supposed to be in 2018 now).

Every year, my family has to come up with about $500 so my dad can buy an official permit to work in the United States. He also has to renew his license every year, and we have lawyers to pay to help my dads case.

Now, my brothers and my mom are legal residents of the United States. But my dad isn’t.

Lately, my dad’s business hasn’t been doing so well. We really haven’t had too much money to spend on things that aren’t necessary. But we can live without material things. I can’t live without my dad. If he’s caught with an expired license or without a working permit, things could go badly.

So I’m asking you all for help! Whether it’s a reblog or a donation, whatever you can muster is perfectly fine. The end goal of this would be to pay off my dad’s fees to renew his license and his permit.

This isn’t easy for me to ask, but I wanna say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, if you read this, donate, or even reblog.

Thank you. God bless you.