You may have heard that Jake Lloyd, the young actor who played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode I, was recently moved to a psychiatric facility to receive treatment for his schizophrenia. However, this was only after spending 10 months in jail, which is sadly the same fate that meets many mentally ill people all over the globe.

So here’s the plan: how about rallying behind him and using Star Wars fandom for some good? Right now we’re raising money for the charity Basic Needs, which serves people with mental illnesses all over the world, including the US.

Founded in 2000, BasicNeeds is a mental health focused international NGO with a global reach spanning 12 countries and growing.

Our mission is to enable people with mental illness or epilepsy and their families to live and work successfully in their communities by combining health, socio-economic and community orientated solutions with changes in policy, practice and resource allocation.

Our vision is that the basic needs of all people living with mental illness and epilepsy throughout the world are met and their basic rights are recognised and respected. [x]

This fundraiser is not affiliated with Jake Lloyd, his family, or Disney/Lucasfilm – this is a fan project only.

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I’ve been thinking about when the right time to end the fundraiser would be and I think maybe at the end of the month? So that’s a good few weeks for people to still donate, if they want to!

Okay, the fundraiser will end on Friday and the money will be going to charity! So now’s the time to donate!