Fandometrics In Depth: Game of Thrones Edition


Winter has finally arrived in Westeros. 

Season six of Game of Thrones had everything: Time travel, necromancy, dragons, shame… It also had 7.4 million tagged posts and 8.2 million searches here on Tumblr (that’s through the duration of the season, April 24th to June 26th, 2016). We analyzed literally everything tagged #GOT and #Game of Thrones for this special edition of Fandometrics.


Top Episodes

And the least popular: 6×06, “Blood of My Blood”: only 1.7% of the posts.


Top Characters

Jon Snow had the biggest year (of course) with more than 1.5 million of the 7.4 million GOT posts tagged with character names. To illustrate your absolute favorites, we now bring you charts!


Top Ships

There were more than half a million posts about 13 different pairings during season six. Interestingly, most didn’t use the common portmanteaus (think: Stucky) that are popular with modern ships. 61% of the tags used a classic “character 1 x character 2" naming structure instead. Here are your favorites:

And the least favorite: Sansa Stark x Tyrion Lannister, with just 0.22% of the posts.