I’m not in a position to take any more commissions, and for this reason, I’ve closed my Patreon. So in light of recent medical expenses, I was hoping to reach out to some of my followers for some help.

Right now I need to gather $600 for an emergency root canal in two weeks. It’s infected, and it’s been infected for months, and if I don’t do this procedure it can spread and cause other complications.

Another expense I need to secure is my $120 therapy bill – which I’ve owed since April. I feel terrible, because my therapist has helped me so much. I still need to be able to see her, so getting this covered is relatively important.

You can click here to be redirected to a Paypal Donate page.

I’ve been struggling to save ever since an unexpected rent hike, so while I got that under control now, there are still some things that keep hittin’ me out of left field.

Any and all help is appreciated. I love you all so much and hope you continue to support me as I hope to continue to make your Dashboards a puggier place.

Thanks! <3