The Bather

Tried for a twist on the classic art history trope of the bather :)

wow this is SO GOOD

I thought this was Aveline at first

I’ve never heard anything scream “I don’t know what fat women’s bodies look like” louder than this

Her ribs are literally still showing through her fat and skin somehow

She has skinny girl breasts and nipples angled upwards

The bottom of her stomach is somehow defying gravity and angled upwards as well instead of sagging above her crotch

Probably because it’s a painting of a stocky, muscular woman, not a “fat” one.

Those are serratus muscles, not ribs. You can see them because she’s stretching her body up, the skin on the front is pulled tight while the fleshy masses in the back bunch up (if she was bending forward it would be the opposite, with folds on the stomach and back muscles pulled tight)

The breasts are fine, that’s a pretty common look when someone has average sized breasts hanging from muscular pectorals. Nipples angle upwards sometimes, especially when people raise their arms, and not all heavyset women have large breasts.

the bottom of her stomach is a little more planar than you’d typically expect to see with this kind of rendering, but again, she’s thick and muscular, the mass of her abdomen is pulled up with the pose and doesn’t have “sagging” fat. Even on heavyset women who AREN’T muscular, that look of fat sagging on the lower abdomen is not ubiquitous. What you’re describing is a very specific type of body as though it’s the only way fat deposits build on heavier set female-assigned bodies.