Donations needed to prevent imminent homelessness

I’m a 21 year old trying my best to manage living on my own while being completely bedbound and receiving a $336/week social security payment. I’m unable to manage any cleaning and I’m essentially reliant on paying for assistance when it comes to completing anything that requires leaving my bed.

Recently my accommodation’s management has demanded improved hygiene, without which my housing will terminate abruptly. This means that my care needs to increase to about 2 hours per day immediately. The cost of maintaining this is approximately $800 over the next two weeks, which I can’t afford without help. About half of the $800 will most likely need to paid via a lump sum tomorrow, on Monday 27th June (i.e. Sunday 26th June in the US), due to the policies of the care provider I’m hoping to use. Being bedbound and having no alternative means of housing myself, I would be in immense physical danger if I were to lose my current accommodation

Apart from this, I’ll need about $700 for rent due tomorrow (Monday in Australia, Sunday in the US) and for some desperately needed purchases (incl. food, medications, clothes and blankets). Right now I can hardly sleep because I don’t have enough blankets, and not having any clean clothes and sheets is also a regular occurrence. I’ve had to live without basic things and without any real dignity for far too long because of being severely disabled and poor. I really need some help to improve this situation.

Please consider making a donation to prevent me from losing my housing, small donations of $1 or $5 will add up and make a huge difference in my life.
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– PayPal transfer to romana2252 at gmail dot com if PayPal.me is unavailable.

If there are any extra donations, they will similarly be used for essentials only.