It has been a long couple of days. But I don’t feel tired. This was another test, Qui-Gon, wasn’t it? When you finally answer, you must tell me what you thought of my solution. I know where I am now. I’m in the rain shadow. Being near all the big events in the galaxy—I was on the mountaintop for many years. Now I’m on the back, on the lee side. It’s supposed to be dry here. But I’ll leave the shadow one day. I’ve been keeping watch tonight over the Lars farmhouse—and looking to see something else. Up there, over the horizon—I think that must have been the passenger ship. Stars don’t disappear. They’re safe, above. Luke is safe, below. And I will be… okay. It’s a long way back to the house, Qui-Gon. May the Force be with you. It’s time for me to go home.