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blog. The list of expenses has been updated, so please reblog this. It’s quite urgent.

I know I’ve had this fundraiser for a while and I’m more sick of it than anyone. However, I don’t have an option to abandon it right now without becoming homeless or living in an inhumane level of squalor.

As a 21 year old living on my own, I’m bearing the bulk of dealing with a life long debilitating condition that confines me to my bed 24/7. What I’m asking for is some help so that I don’t suffer extreme poverty/homelessness/death as a result of my disability.

There is proof of my circumstances and my condition at this link: http://fundaiser-evidence.tumblr.com I have a large number of expenses related to my condition and I can’t afford this with my current social security payment.

Here is an updated list of expenses, with a total of $682 needed by around Wednesday 22nd June (or the evening of Tues. 21st June in the US):
– overdrawn amount in one of my bank accounts: $132

– sundry purchases (food, toiletries, etc.): $150
– private carer fees: $200
– paramedic transport instalment: $200
If there are any extra donations they will go toward other similar essentials.

Small donations do add up and I would really appreciate any help I receive. Please consider donating through one of these options:
donations page
(PayPal account not required)
PayPal.me (PayPal account required; no fee for PayPal balance transfers)
– PayPal transfer to romana2252 at gmail dot com if PayPal.me is unavailable.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to me, I’m really grateful for it, and sorry I don’t always have the physical stamina to send thank you messages to everyone individually.