okay, real talk time.  tumblr is not a good place to develop your political consciousness.  (neither is reddit, or facebook.)   social media incentivizes certain opinions by rewarding you with notes and followers and likes, and the relative anonymity makes things even messier.

people spout opinions that are just contrarian enough to seem edgy, and then cultivate an environment where you aren’t allowed to ask questions or change your mind.  block lists, anonymous messages informing you that you reblogged a post by a Thought Criminal, et cetera…  that’s not political discussion and growth, that’s peer pressure with a fancier vocabulary.

read!  please, for the love of all that is holy, read!  read things that make you uncomfortable.  read what you’re “supposed to read”, read what you’re “not supposed to read”.  think critically, and think for yourself.  find places & forums where you can ask questions.