I don’t know if anyone mentioned it, and I know not everyone will agree, but I’m personally really glad that in Sansa’s murder of Ramsay, she didn’t physically kill him. 

There have been so many critics of Sansa who have harped on her for not being a warrior, someone who can physically draw a blade and ride into battle, and if she were to suddenly become a battle tactician or stab Ramsay with a knife I don’t think I would have enjoyed that – because, if she were to stab him and become some warrior, it would oddly support those who said they’d only like her if she became a physical fighter. So, I’m so glad that the way she was portrayed in the episode was wonderful

She said she didn’t know a thing about battle, but still managed to save the day because what she did know was that they didn’t have the numbers. She killed Ramsay, but she didn’t do it with her bare hands. She let those dogs on him and she watched. She killed him, she “swung the sword”, in a sense, without ever physically laying a hand on him, and I love that. I wish that it wasn’t shown in a rape-revenge trope plot, because that’s a shitty trope, but I love that fans got to see how smart and powerful Sansa is without her having to physically fight and be something she’s not.