Honestly I don’t even know which sibling I feel worse for over Rickon’s death because it just hits me in different ways for them. 

Jon was so adamant about saving Rickon, he was right there, he had hope that he could save his brother but he had to watch him die in front of him. He has to live with knowing that he was right there and his brother still died.  

Sansa knew that this would happen, she tried to accept it before it even happened, but you could see the pain in her eyes when she saw Rickon and the fact that she didn’t allow herself to hope for Rickon just breaks me up. 

Even Arya is going to go home, and find out that her youngest brother is dead. How awful is it to be so filled with hope and find out your baby brother is gone? 

And Bran. Fucking Bran. He told Rickon to go, he heard Rickon say that he was supposed to protect him and he let his brother go off with a smile and told him that he had to protect him now. He wanted his baby brother safe and the people he entrusted his brother to betrayed him and caused his death and just. Ugh. When he finds out he’s going to be so, so heartbroken. 

The Starks are too good to have to go through losing a brother again