Nothing is going to change. Americans love their guns more than they love people and after Sandy Hook we decided that killing over 20 children was acceptable and not outrageous enough to make reasonable restrictions on guns. This is America, a country that has been around for 200 years, a superpower, a 1st world nation, and one of the wealthiest countries on the planet and we refuse to protect our own people. We respect guns more than we respect the lives of people. 

What specific gun control measures would you propose and how would they directly and effectively make society safer?

  • Absolutely get rid of all AR-15′s and the like.
  • Intense background and criminal background checks and anything violent automatically disqualifies you.
  • Make getting a gun/gun permit more like getting a driver’s license:
    • permit to learn
    • includes an exam with 18 or more questions on the policies, laws, and etc of guns and gun ownership
    • if you get more than 8 questions incorrect you must retake it.
  • 30 hours of practical experience at a gun range with a licensed teacher
  • Must take a 5 hour class on the dangers of guns and how to use them safely which will then yield you a certificate that grants you to take the practical exam and lasts for one year. If you don’t gain the license within the allotted year you must retake the class.
  • A practical exam with a licensed instructor who will grade you on various skills. If you pass you may be granted a permit on the weapon of your choice, the exams may differ on the type of firearm you want.
  • Follow the Japanese model where you must have two gun safes in different areas of the house, one to store the gun and one to store the bullets and you must provide the police with information on where those safes are.
  • No concealed carry and only handguns may be allowed to be out in public.
  • If transporting a weapon, it must be in the trunk of the vehicle, in a bag or some other case, safety on and unloaded and may not leave the vehicle until you are at the destination.
  • If you’re a hunter or some other gun hobbyist that requires a functional weapon other than a handgun then the gun must stay on the premises, whether that is a gun range or the Fish and Wildlife facility.
  • If you live in a rural area where police (and people, for that matter) are few and far between, something akin to a deer hunting rifle should provide plenty of protection from predators and poachers, you still have to follow the aforementioned steps.
  • This doesn’t cover everything but I think it’s a good place to start.

Can you show me evidence that this would directly and effectively create a safer society?

I have never laughed so hard at a gun law post. Like seriously, the evidence is in fucking reality. The proposed restrictions are just fucking logic.

He’s white and from Texas. I’m not really surprised of the narrow mindedness…

I would add that things like restraining orders, DV arrests (even if no convictions), animal abuse complaints etc should be barriers to gun access. One of the things many many mass shooters have in common is a history of domestic violence. As our laws currently stand that isn’t a reason to deny gun purchases or ownership in many states. And even in states where it is, the effect is temporary. 

Okay, you do realize that the people who shoot up schools and the like are CRIMINALS, right? They break the law. So, they’re going to get guns either way. Restrictions or not. Legally or illegally. While I do agree that there should be classes and certain restrictions, it isn’t going to stop people from committing violent crimes like what happened at Pulse, or Sandy Hook, or what happened in France. It will only make it harder to protect ourselves and the ones around us.

Except you’ve ignored the part where that’s exactly what’s been prevented by gun control laws in every nation that has them.

Really? Are you trying to tell me that in every nation that has gun control laws, there hasn’t been a single mass shooting since the laws went into effect?

That’s pretty much it, yeah. None in Australia since 1996. None in Scotland since the 80s sometime. That’s what those flag/maps uppost are all about.

The Dublane school shooting in Scotland was in 1996.

My dad had a firearm at the time. It had belonged to his father, either something from the war or something just useful on a croft, I don’t recall. After the shooting, the gun control laws banned private firearms and my dad handed the gun in along with everyone else. No fuss. In the wake of such a tragedy it would have been grossly inappropriate.

Since then, I think there’s been one shooting with an actual list of casualties, in 2010, in the whole of the UK? Not just Scotland. The UK banned private firearms and there has been next to nothing in 20 years.

Yes, criminals can get their hands on guns if they are really determined, and I’m sure people do. But the kind of people who are DETERMINED to have guns illegally and the kinds of people who go into crowded places to shoot indiscriminately doesn’t really seem to have overlapped much in the UK in 20 years.

It’s almost like mass shootings are really only an option when access to firearms is easy.

My father-in-law has a gun. (I know so little about guns I couldn’t even tell you what type it is). It and the bullets are kept in separate locked containers, even I don’t know where the gun box even is let alone how to get into it, and every so often a woman comes to the house and checks everything is in order. (paperwork and IDs and stuff is handed over)

This is in the middle of rural England, where people use guns for shooting foxes and things on farms I think? I’m not sure what I think of that, but then again I’ve never lived on a farm.

(Anyway, there is no reason whatsoever for anyone, ever, to own an assault rifle.)