i really didn’t want to do this but I’m running out of things to sell and if I can’t pay my complex $400 I’ll have to give up my dog to a shelter

My mom is unemployed and she currently has my dog and her apt lease ends June 30th and she will be moving in with me bc she can’t get another apartment without a job. I thought I had someone to take care of my dog until September because that is when my lease ends and I’ll move to a new place but that person has gone back on the arrangement and now I have no one to care for my dog.

If I keep my dog I have to pay my apt a $400 pet fee (which I was trying to avoid by having someone take care of my dog because when I move I will have to pay a new complex yet another $400 for the pet fee) and that fee has to be paid all at once. The community manager is somewhat willing to work with me and she will allow me until July 20th to pay the full $400

If anyone at all feels like sending a few dollars my way here is my PayPal link:

If not I understand, I would appreciate a reblog if you can find the time please and thank you so much