Hi, I hope everyone is doing ok.

I’m sorry for making another donations post. In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, with all its effects on our community, I know this post must seem incredibly inappropriate and intrusive. But please understand… that I’m only asking for help as I have no other choice in my circumstances.

I need to raise $330 in total for two home care invoices
($219) and for overdue rent ($111). This is needed by 5PM today 14th June
, i.e. in the next five hours. I know this is a large amount, but
any reblogs or small donations would help a lot.

Update: I’ve received $189 so far, thank you! I need to raise another $141 in the next one and a half hours. Please help.

Currently my accommodation is set to expire at the end of June and I
don’t want to risk being denied an extension to this for not paying rent on
time. I have no mobility and it would be difficult to find alternative
temporary shelter. These are links to reports / letters about my
circumstances: medical
, social
security letter

is a link
to the two invoices I received from private carers, they’re
due on 16th June and to account for the bank transfer times, I need to
raise the amounts by the end of today.

All other expenses later this week are outlined on this
linked post

Please consider donating here:
donations page
(PayPal account not required)
PayPal.me (PayPal account required; no
fee for PayPal balance transfers)
– PayPal transfer to romana2252 at
gmail dot com if PayPal.me is unavailable.

Thank you.