this man is so kind

I’m gonna pass all my exams now

I wanna thank him

james is indeed such a kind man who’s made countless people smile! he always manages to brighten up my day.

there’s already a post going around about this, but i want to remind people that he needs our help. his father is in danger and his family has had to go to great lengths to be able to cover the costs of his medical care, which already total up to over $10,000


there is a gofundme page made by somebody on his behalf since he isn’t a US citizen and couldn’t make one himself (all the funds are being sent directly to his paypal). if you’d rather donate to james directly his paypal is

even if you can’t donate, spreading the word and sending james some kind words would mean a lot to him. his vines and tweets have been so sad lately. he made people smile with his vines so many times, please show james some support and pay his kindness forward!