so now is kind of a rough time for us, fellow lgtbq+ people – some of our most at-risk people were targeted and deeply hurt en masse today, and i just want to put out an offer:

all this week (6/12/16-6/18/16 i will be open to prompts for dudeslash, femslash, gay, bi, trans and nonbinary, etc.-centric fanfiction and graphics.

the fandoms i’m familiar with and therefore open to prompting for are:

  • X-Men Cinematic Universe
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (Movies, Daredevil S1 & S1 Agent Carter)
  • X-Men comics, early Silver Age 
  • X-Men comics, WatXM
  • X-Men comics, current run of All-New X-Men
  • Smallville (up through 5×11 ‘Fanatic)
  • Legends of Tomorrow, DCTV
  • Supergirl (CBS/CW)
  • Star Trek (TOS and Reboot)
  • Star Wars (movies, not EU)
  • Ghostfacers (it’s a fandom, damnit)
  • Lord of the Rings, both movies and books (pls specify, though)
  • The Hobbit, both movies and books (again, pls specify)
  • Les Miserables, book, movie musical, or stage musical (pls specify)
  • Dragon Age 2

because in the face of tragedy, we deserve to be reminded that happy endings exist.  that even when tragedy is all around us, it’s not the only possible ending.

we deserve to be able to escape, if we want to.

Please Signal Boost.