You know, actually one of my favourite things about Star Wars is how incredibly, brilliantly, hopelessly uncool it is. Like, Boba Fett is SUPER AWESOME with his armour and his guns, and he gets dispatched by accident in a mildly embarrassing way. Kylo Ren is rocking his aesthetic and his snazzy lightsaber, but underneath that he’s just pathetic, and The Force Awakens takes pains to make sure we know it. The battle for control of the galaxy ultimately comes down to a bunch of teddy bears throwing rocks in a field. The battle for Darth Vader’s soul is only won when a badass weapon is thrown away. And so on.

Hell, Star Wars is so desperately uncool it wants its cool guy hero to get shot at before he shoots so said cool guy hero doesn’t commit a dishonorable act. It is the squarest, nerdiest, most doggedly virtuous set of movies in the world, and I love it.