first of all, i realize i have no money but if i ever did have disposable income


i wouldn’t be able to buy prequel merch with it

because it doesn’t seem to exist

it’s VERY difficult to find anything on amazon, it’s either OT, ST or Clone Wars

and I get that clone wars is prequel era but… uh… what about the three films that came out?

I mean come on guys, people liked the fucking prequels, you don’t have to be afraid to also cater to those people.

There is much less prequel merch than OT merch but there is some! Here’s what I see when hangin’ round my favourite nerd shops talking to the people there*

*I mean, people who I actually know, or people who strike up conversations with me, don’t worry



Prequel-era lego seems to be everywhere in toy stores, just hidden behind all the new sets? They’re definitely in there though, I’m sure, just grab ‘em and move ‘em to the front

get ‘em online: Walmart (scroll down a couple of rows) Toys R Us (ditto)

Episode I Tsum Tsums


LOOK HOW FUCKIN CUTE THEY ARE? Also cheap which is good. FUN FACT: talked to a retail lady about them once and she told me they’d all sold out in one day and jar jar was sold out first

get ‘em online: should be on the Disney Store website, but aren’t? Apparently are just in stores? Thanks, Disney. Are on Amazon though…and more expensive…I have no idea what’s going on with these

Action figures


I keep seeing Prequel action figures in Forbidden Planet, but my local Forbidden Planet is awesomer than most. Vintage toy stores also seem to have them, because 1999-2005ish is vintage now (I feel old)

get ‘em online:

Try Hasbro? Or Dorkside Toys? Probably best to go after specific characters on Ebay though

Funko Pops


….Admittedly, though, there’s not many prequel ones. In fact, I can count them on my fingers: Queen Amidala, Darth Maul, Holographic Darth Maul, Jar Jar, Kit Fisto and Plo Koon. (Plus the Yoda is holding a lightsaber, so I guess that makes him prequel-era too) My constant attempts to petition the offical Funko Pops Twitter with demands for a Qui-Gon have so far gone unregarded

get ‘em online: I have NO IDEA where to buy them in the US? You might be best off searching for specific characters on Ebay again


Found this Maul Mug in the Disney store the other week. I didn’t buy it because I don’t drink hot drinks (don’t ask) but he’s pretty cool right? Also available in duck form

get ‘em online:
“A darkness falls over any hot drinks served in this Darth Maul mug…”


Obviously I can’t let this section go without recommending Jedi Apprentice. READ THEM. READ THEM ALL. But there are loads of other books that feature the prequel characters! The Character Encyclopedias, obviously, and the Lego books, and the freakin’ awesome children’s Lego books, which I would totally buy if I wasn’t, you know, 28, and random weird stuff like Star Wars Thumb Wrestling

ALSO DON’T FORGET: The Star Wars Shakespeare series! All six movies (presumably TFA will be along later) done in the style of Shakespeare! ALSO ALSO DON’T FORGET: The Anakin and Obi-Wan comic series, which I dunno if you can get online but you can get in comic stores!

get ‘em online: see above!