Don’t forget about Lamarque’s funeral, Sunday. Il est essentiel que nous commençions disputer à l’obsèques.


I am half minded not to go. There is nothing in the world
duller than funerals, christenings, and weddings. One marks the end of life,
another the beginning, the third its hobbling. I’d rather watch life in
progress; the past and future tense of life is not living. Bring me a present
progressive, not a progressive of the present. Ah well, perhaps I will go, if
Enjolras sends for me. It would be a favor; he’d be in my debt. Yes, I’ll go if he calls. But then, hasn’t the old general seen enough blood spilled in
his day? Let’s give him some peace for an evening. Requiescat in Pace, and I’d like to do so myself without the
dying. Peace and quiet and life being lived, that’s all a man can ask for.
Mayhap I won’t go after all.