TLMOE for you as well :) -starklinqs


who i will protect at all costs: Carol and Erica
who deserves better: Literally all of them, in a way, but MIKE. The UTTER UNFAIRNESS of his (probable) death still gets to me
who was killed off too early: ….see above
who i used to hate but now i love: PHIL TANDY MILLER. Well, for a given value of ‘love’
who i used to love but now i hate: Melissa is too interesting for me to hate her, but she definitely slid down in my estimation when she basically tortured Phil (by leaving his drinks just outside the perimeter line when he was ‘doing his time’). And when she tried to throw Mike out without a second thought…
who needs to be killed off asap: I don’t think Pat will last past the first few episodes of S3
who is unfairly hated: Actually…Melissa again? Like, you get lots of people on the LMOE facebook page and places saying they hate her and she needs to be killed off, but…yeah she can be horrible but again she’s interesting?
who is unfairly loved: Hmmm, no-one really
who needs to sort out their priorities: Gail needs to kick her alcohol addiction, or she will almost certainly be the next dead body. :(
who needs a hug: Erica, she must be thinking she’s cursed by now
who needs to get out of their current relationship: Hmmm. I’m still kinda rooting for Gail/Todd/Melissa purely on the grounds that you get so few poly relationships on TV, but…it’s probably not going to work.
who the writers love: Carol, and I do too!
who needs a better storyline: Erica badly needs one not revolving around a man. I want to know more about her past! And maybe she’s going to suddenly turn out to be really good with a gun?
who has an amazing redemption arc: Phil bloody Tandy bloody Miller again
who is hot af: All of them
who belongs in jail: Heh, well Erica technically does…
who needs to be revived from the dead: MIKE…..sort of? I mean, the way they did it was lovely, and Jason Sudeklis looks way too busy to commit to being a TV show regular now…but, I want some sort of closure! Like, Phil gets some sort of confirmation that he’s definitely dead, or something. Mike is currently Schrodinger’s Mike. (Heh.) Maybe, like, the last shot of the last series will be Mike turning up not dead or something? Because he still might not be. Damn, the wait for S3 is killing me…