I watched the season 2 finale of Last Man on Earth and it was pretty awesome.

It was nice to see Phil and Mike together in their childhood home and sad when Mike sent him away so he didn’t have to go through his death again as he’d assumed he’d died years before.

Then the one Mike met on the boat at the start of the season was coming with other people on a lifeboat to the mainland in those suits.

Melissa shooting the drone, so Mad Men of her lol. Remember the scene in Mad Men where she shot a bird or something?

I wonder what will happen next.

I have to say season 2 was funny but not as funny as season 1.

I’m kinda surprised that it was renewed for a third season after the second season seemed to go off air for weeks at a time which is usually what they do when they no longer care for a show and it’s heading for cancellation nation.

But at least we are getting another season and hopefully some more madcap antics!

I wish Jason Sudeikis was in next season but if he is dying then obviously not.

The more I think about the more I can’t work out HOW this show got a third season. I mean, reviewers like it a lot but that doesn’t seem to mean much when it comes to renewing shows, and it doesn’t have a fanbase anywhere near on the level of some of the shows that have already been cancelled this year or last…and it must have a huge budget in comparison to most comedies? Maybe I’m drastically overestimating it, but “Pitch Black” looked like a Hollywood movie, and that was just one episode.

I’m VERY GLAD it did get renewed, though.