Need some advice. Sorry for using my blog for this.


But I could really use some advice right now.

I’m from Canada. I’m on disability (ODSP) and have been for about four years, since I was 22 (I’m currently 26) for a severe mental illness. In that time, because of my disability benefits (including $1,110 a month in living expenses, and all of my medical and dental care covered by the province of Ontario), I have actually made some really significant strides towards recovery – for example, at one point I was unable to leave my house entirely, and had not left my house for an entire year, even to go to doctor’s appointments. (I could sometimes manage to get there, but most of the time I ended up canceling.) But because of disability’s support (meaning that I was able to afford the medication and psychological treatment that I couldn’t afford previously), after a couple of years I was able to leave the house, and I was even able to go back and complete high school, albeit one night school class at a time. This doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but coming from an extremely ambitious person whose only dream was to go to university who never thought that she’d be able to go to school again, it was a huge, huge accomplishment for me. I worked my ass off to get to that point through literal blood, sweat and tears,, and I was incredibly proud of myself. 

Now, here is the problem. 

Disability had previously been paying me $1,110 per month, of which $350 was going towards rent (as agreed upon with my dad, who I live with – $350 was my share of the rent), and the rest allocated to various other bills. I usually had about $100-200 left for the rest of the month by the time I was done paying everything. However – due to recent changes in ODSP’s policy – they are now deducting rent directly from my cheque and sending it to my landlord, and for some reason they decided that my share of the rent is $630, which is more than half of our $1,100 rent, and about 60% of my cheque for the month, leaving me now with only $480. This is only 1/3rd of minimum wage for my province. This is absolutely NOT enough money for me to live on, and it absolutely baffles me how ODSP decided that my share of the rent is 630/1100, even though my dad makes FOUR TIMES MORE than I do per month, and he’s paying less of the rent than I am now. I have NO idea how they came up with this figure, because this was NOT the amount of money that I agreed to pay in rent, and they never asked me what I was paying, either. I’m absolutely in a panic and scrambling to try to find a way to make some quick money to cover my expenses for the month of June until I can find a way to hopefully expedite the process of somehow being ready to go back to work (even though I’ll have to give up my drug and dental cards and probably my dream of going to university as well, because at this point I don’t even think I can work, let alone work AND go to school at the same time). 

So, the thing I need advice about is this: what are some quick ways of making money that don’t require a 9 to 5 job? Eventually I am clearly going to have to get one (and I hope to God that I’m ready for it and don’t end up having a breakdown and quitting and then having to reapply for disability all over again), but for right now I need at least another $600 to get through this month. In the meantime, I suppose I’m going to have to start looking for a job to be ready for July, and hopefully I’ll be able to actually pull it off, because I’m kind of being forced to play my hand here even though I feel nowhere near high-functioning enough in my illness to hold a steady 9 to 5 job. I sincerely hope that I’m wrong about this and that I’ll be okay, but in the meantime, I’m completely fucked for this month if I can’t manage to find a way to make that extra $600 or so.

(Additionally, though I’m not going to beg for it and this post is really just asking for advice, I have a PayPal link in the top left-hand corner of my Cool Thing of the Day blog – I would very much appreciate any financial donations of any kind, even if it’s just $1. This is embarrassing to have to ask and I never thought I’d have to use my blog for this purpose, because this blog was really about me giving to you guys – the gift of knowledge, and happiness, and a sense of childlike wonder for the amazing world that we live in. So it’s incredibly humiliating to have to flip that dynamic on its head and ask you guys for anything… but with that being said, I would truly, truly appreciate any kind of donations that anybody is willing to offer.)

tl;dr, do you guys have any ideas of things I could do to make money quickly? 

Copywriting ‘content mills’ are pretty good for earning you money every month? They seem to take ages to accept new writers, but once they do things work out nicely. Writersdomain and Greatcontent are the ones I use…

Hope that helps!