the injustice of mickey smith is that he has a lot of great character development and skills and just generally interesting things and it’s ALL told off screen for no reason. like his relationship with jackie in the parallel universe – they are last seen with a rocky relationship and then two seasons later she is the person he’s going to miss the MOST from that universe.

and i would have LOVED to have seen that but i never did.

and i get the logistics of that universe never being shown again to save rose as a surprise but that happens with literally everything about mickey.

his computer hacking, his searching for the doctor, his bloody website he put together, his HACKING UNIT like okay sure put that on a bbc website and ignore it on the show and pretend he’s useless lmao

I thought exactly this during the 2005-2006 seasons and it led to a fanfic series detailing aaaaall that stuff we were deprived of, although I don’t know if it’s aged well