Please help me fund $490 in accommodation fees by Monday 30th May AEST

There is $349 left to raise, after taking into account the sundry things I need to pay for on Monday (e.g. laundry). 

This post outlines my other expenses during the upcoming weeks in detail.

The reason I’m asking for help is because I am permanently and completely confined to my bed from a neurological condition (see – medical reports). I’m only living with a low social security payment while other service applications are pending.

These are the donations links:
– PayPal donations page (PayPal account not required)
– PayPal.me (PayPal account required; no fee for PayPal balance transfers) 
– Or to romana2252 at gmail dot com if PayPal.me is unavailable.

Thank you all for your support, I really appreciate everything that has been done for me.