Hello.. for people who don’t know me, I’m bedbound with a neurological condition, I can’t afford the vast majority of my basic needs with my social security payments, and I require frequent assistance from carers because of my disability (see – medical reports; Centrelink letter).

I really need to raise at least $200 by tomorrow afternoon for payments to private carers and for food/water/etc. 

This is a link to a $74.95 invoice from a private carerI’ll also need to pay another private carer around $75 for assistance over the weekend and $25 for assistance today. Food/water/etc will also cost at least $25. 

Without access to care, my condition could get much worse rapidly.

My neurological condition was aggravated by severe dehydration & sleep loss last weekend, largely because I tried to avoid using a private carer to save money and ended up running out of water. The aggravation was severe enough that I lost a lot of hearing in my left ear. I really want to avoid that happening again.

This is probably really tedious but please reblog this and please consider donating. Thank you! These are the donations links: 
PayPal donations page (PayPal account not required)
PayPal.Me page (PayPal account required; no fee for PayPal balance transfers)
Or via PayPal transfer to romana2252 at gmail dot com if second link is unavailable.