from a sheer business standpoint, what confuses me most about this whole Cap=Hydra comic thing is, how did it get approval for publishing? For Marvel/Disney, the MCU is hella big business – Captain America: Civil War broke $1-billion in ticket sales, with DVD and streaming sales to boost that. I can only assume that toy sales are going strong with the kids, and the movie and its reception have done nothing but strengthen the Marvel brand in the US and internationally. 

And on the heels of that, out comes the new run of the Cap comics where it comes out that Cap was Hydra all along? What are they thinking?

(Seriously, read that ^^ TIME article, where Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort explains that they’ve been planning this since 2014.)

So the writer pitched this idea in 2014, and Marvel comics (instead of saying no wtf is wrong with you) went along with it, and now we have a comic Cap who apparently has always been what he’s supposedly been fighting against for 70 years?

From what I’ve seen on Tumblr today, this plan to be edgy or shocking or whatever has only succeeded in uniting a fanbase divided over Civil War (Tony vs Steve etc) into incandescent rage. Was no one at head office paying attention to the comics run that would come out just after the wildly successful launch of Cap3? 

And why was no one paying attention? From a sheer business and marketing perspective (character tie in and branding), this is a huge failure. From a moral standpoint, other people have said it more eloquently than I ever could, about how this officially sanctioned storyline this is a complete disaster that spits in the face of the character of Steve Rogers, the creators (Jack Kirby and Joe Simon), and all the fans that have supported the Captain America world over the years.