(The Watchmen movie is on and…)



The biggest mistake that movie made was making everything awesome and cool. There’s nothing cool about anything in Watchmen, not in the slightest. Rorschach isn’t some awesome badass, he’s Donald Trump in a mask. Etc, etc, etc.

THE OTHER THING: Laurie. In the book she feels like a real person, which seems to me like an accident more than anything because I look at Alan Moore’s notes for the book and he didn’t seem that bothered about her, no-one has EVER really seemed bothered about her… but I love Laurie. She’s a fucked-up chain-smoking hateful angry BITCH, for lack of a better word, and I wish the movie had cared about her more, I wish Laurie’s Anger got more screentime

God this movie annoys me so much because it was SO CLOSE to the book in terms of visuals

it just completely missed the point of it