Changing a character’s race to suit the whiny Tumblr users of today is stupid. Scooby Doo and the gang don’t need to be changed to suit anybody’s standards. They were made white. They are WHITE. That’s just how it is.


hey there. i’m guessing you’re talkin’ bout my recent bit of ‘reboot’ SD fanart.

sorry i couldn’t reply to you as soon as you sent this, but my internet connection’s been temperamental. thanks for not going on anon, i take it that means you do actually want an answer from me, and i’m happy to give it to you.

gotta say, i don’t appreciate you calling me ‘a whiny tumblr user’, all right? i made these revamped designs primarily for myself. still, i don’t know what’s going on on your side of the world. maybe you had a rough day and felt the need to take it out on someone. if that’s the case, i hope you’re feeling better now. anyway. there’s a few reasons why i tried to diversify the mystery inc gang in my fanart. one: it’s not the 1960s anymore. i expect the gang were all white ‘cause it was still that sort of ‘white only’ mindset for people that TV was trying to appeal to 50 or so years ago.

but it’s also quite personal to me. in 2009 they made this cheesy direct-to-DVD live action movie called ‘scooby doo: the mystery begins’. the girl that played velma is hayley kiyoko, who’s half-white-half-japanese.

i was 13 at the time (like, just slightly too old to unironically enjoy this sort of thing, but enjoy it i did), and i was astounded to see velma played by a girl that looked a bit like me. i had always identified with her character and i thought it was kickass that she was played by a girl with a similar kind of mixed ethnicity as me. the sense of personal representation was super important to me. and this was an official piece of scooby doo media, cheesy though it was. kind of in the vein of casting samuel l jackson as nick fury, a character who had previously been portrayed as white.

anyway. a year ago i saw this SD fancast where the SD gang had all been cast as young white folks, bar daphne, who’d been fancast as the girl who plays missandei in GoT. and i remembered while watching an SD movie with a friend that she’d said ‘daphne is so hilary banks’. so i considered a biracial daphne, looking like karyn parsons, and also it reminded me of how hayley kiyoko had played velma, so i thought…i’d like to draw a modern version of mystery inc reflecting a bit more of regular teens in the 2010s.

so i had ideas for how i wanted the girls to look. i wasn’t sure what to do with the boys, ‘til i happened to look up the late great casey casem and discovered that he was actually lebanese! he’s more famous for his ‘shaggy’ voice than he is for his face, but this is what he looked like.

dark haired, dark eyed, brown skinned, and he only ever really voiced white characters. his wiki page says he was kind of disappointed when he was asked to play an arab character, but the character was an evil stereotype, and he asked ‘are there no good arab characters in this thing?’ so i thought it’d be fitting to draw shaggy looking a little more like the man who first brought the character to life! ‘cause shaggy is the best character.

when it came to freddy though, for better or worse i knew i’d leave him pretty much the way he was. i wasn’t keen on robbie amell’s dark haired fred (the blond is too iconic!) in ‘the mystery begins’ – fred as a slice of white bread with blonde hair, that classic ‘all-american’ boy next door suits him.

i hope maybe this clears stuff up, or makes some kind of sense. at the end of the day, what i’ve done is just fanart. by a fan, for other fans, if they like what they see. it’s just for fun, for a bit of personal wish fulfillment. i’m not actually creating the next scooby doo incarnation (though i wish i was, sometimes) and i’m not saying that how i drew them is like the brand new be all and end all way to look at them. but take a look at this beyond-lovely message:


i think that shows that maybe i’m not doing as wrong as all that. and if none of this makes sense to you, or if i’m still coming off like a whiny tumblr user, then all i can say is i’m sorry i couldn’t make something you’d enjoy, and you can always enjoy the official SD incarnations where the gang are portrayed as all white.