The man in this image is Veerender Jubbal, an awesome Sikh Canadian Let’s Play Gamer, critic, and outspoken feminist. People photoshopped the image on the right (of him holding an ipad) to look like the image on the left (wearing a suicide vest and holding a quran). The photoshopped image has been picked up by multiple news agencies and distributed as a “selfie of one of the Paris attackers still at large”. It is a selfie of an innocent man who has never been to Paris and was targeted, by all accounts, because he had the *audacity* to be a person of color vocally speaking up against Gamergate.

If you see the image on the left circulating, please speak up for Veerender!

Aside from the Quran and the vest, they literally photoshopped his eyebrows into an menacing expression.

The lows that white nerds will sink to to ruin other people’s lives just keeps sinking.