so just a tally of the fucked up things that are happening in the wake of the paris bombings:

french authorities planted syrian passports at the bombing sites (x)
the french air force bombed syria in less than 2 days after the bombings (x)
the US is now “scrutinizing” our refugee policy (x) (x)
a muslim woman in london was shoved in front of a moving train (x)
a sikh man in canada was photoshopped to look like he was wearing a bomb vest and his photo was posted on breitbart (x)

will add to this list as things keep happening.

The Muslim woman pushed in front of the train, as horrible and probably Islamophobic as it is, actually happened a few days before the Paris bombings, though. (Also, to my relief and surprise on looking it up, she escaped with only very minor injuries and the man who did it is being charged with attempted murder.)

But yeah. Shitty things.