It took less
than two seconds
for Cleveland Police Department officer Timothy Loehmann
to decide to steal the life of a twelve-year-old black child named Tamir Rice
on November 22, 2014.

It has taken nearly a full year for Cuyahoga County
Prosecutor Tim McGinty to decide whether or not to charge Loehmann and Officer
Frank Garmback for killing Tamir. All three of these men are white.

On Thursday, notwithstanding the fact that the grand jury
process he insisted on is still ongoing, McGinty for the third time publicly released an assessment that described Loehmann’s killing of
Tamir as “objectively reasonable.” This report said that he had “no alternative” and concluded
it would be a “tragedy” if the officer lost his job over it.

This comes despite the fact that the Cleveland Police Department
agreed to a consent decree with the Justice Department
over their systemic
use of excessive force) disciplined
the officers who hired Loehmann
in the first place for failing to properly
review his background – which included another police department noting his
emotional instability,

poor performance during handgun training and trouble following orders and recommending he be fired

Tamir’s family has been frustrated with the painfully slow
pace of justice and has demanded action. Tim McGinty, the prosecutor
responsible for providing that justice, has responded by accusing
Tamir’s mother Samaria
of having
“economic motives”
for wanting Loehmann held accountable for her son’s

The first anniversary of Tamir’s death is a week from

You can join his
family in demanding that McGinty either file charges against Loehmann and
Garmback or step aside for an independent special prosecutor by signing
these two
started by Tamir’s cousin LaTonya Goldsby or calling McGinty’s office at

The Rice family has
also called for a national weekend of action to mark a Year Without Tamir on
November 22. Events across the country will
be listed at Ferguson Action and
the Ferguson
Response Network.