doctor who series 1 as clickbait headlines



episode 1: This Woman Was Attacked By Shop Mannequins – But Her Night Was Only Just Beginning

episode 2: Doctors HATE her! Woman Reveals Shocking Trick For Removing Wrinkles

episode 3: Are YOUR Dead Relatives Coming Back To Life and Killing People?

episode 4: You Won’t BELIEVE What Just Crashed Into This Iconic London Clock Tower

episode 5: First, His Girlfriend Disappeared. Then, Aliens Invaded. Read About One Young Londoner’s Worst Year Ever

episode 6: This Dalek Had The Perfect Reaction When It Came Face-to-Face With Its Old Enemy

episode 7: 20 Ways The Modern Media Controls Your Mind. #9 Will Shock You

episode 8: All This Woman Wanted Was To Meet Her Dead Dad. What She Did Next Will Blow Your Mind.

episode 9: This Child Begged Total Strangers For His Mother. But The Reason Why Isn’t What You Think

episode 10: You’ve Been Using Nanogenes Wrong Your Whole Life

episode 11: This Woman Is a Mass Murderer. Yet Her Plea For Leniency May Change Your Opinion On Capital Punishment

episode 12: Reality TV Is Just Harmless Fun and Games, Right? Wrong

episode 13: This Doctor Went To Extreme Lengths To Save A Woman. What Happened Next Will Break Your Heart.

Literally these all sound like buzzfeed articles, that’s not a compliment…

I feel like I’m missing something here, and I apologise if I am, but that’s the entire point…