Non-Binary Food Writer Jack Monroe has 20 corrections for this transphobic Daily Mail article

Non-Binary Food Writer Jack Monroe has 20 corrections for this transphobic Daily Mail article


The recurrently transphobic and generally bigoted online arm of the Daily Mail recently published an article in which they consistently misgendered Monroe and referred to them coming out as non-binary transgender as a “setback”.

Jack Monroe has 20 corrections for their 8 line article. 

Dear Daily Mail,

I don’t know how you generally kickstart your working week, but at 6am on a Monday morning I’m just about hanging in to my last REM cycle before being woken up by a 5 year old, to begin the email flails and checklists that have gathered in my inbox from the last midnight-on-Sunday clearout.

I get up, meditate, do some morning yoga, lift some weights and pop a fat scoop of protein shake, a slug of coconut cream, peanut butter and two shots of coffee in my blender – adept by now at making whey protein taste like something remotely palatable. It’s like a peanut butter mocha. You’re welcome.

This morning I woke up at 0515 to a flurry of emails – Google alerts and missives from concerned friends and readers – and I groaned as I clicked the link, mentally steeling myself for the staggering lies and inaccuracies I knew would be on the other side. It seems your ‘deputy diary editor’ Richard Eden, who impertinently emailed me on a Sunday lunchtime to try to link my personal life with my transition, doesn’t actually speak to the ‘diary person’, Seb Shakespeare. How very odd. So, for the avoidance of any doubt, I enclose the email conversation that looks like it wasn’t passed along the amoeba chain. (#NotAllAmoeba)

And so, blow by blow, here’s all the shit you managed to get wrong in a surprisingly short diary piece. Some of my readers will ask why I’m bothering to do this. Because someone cannot lie about me with impunity on a public platform, and expect not to be called out on it. And absolutely cannot lie about someone I love, and expect not to be called a shitbag for it. For avoidance of doubt, Richard Eden and Seb Shakespeare, you are shitbags. Fetid rumour-mongering turdy little trolls festering in the gangrenous gossip-column scrotum of the internet.

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