Okay, The Zygon Invasion

It was tone-deaf. It was the most tone-deaf I’ve ever seen a modern-day Who be. I am hoping against all odds that next episode will reverse the problematic aspects of it (according to IMDB Jaye Griffiths is back for that one, so maybe that episode didn’t kill off the only recurring black character after all; here’s hoping) so…we’ll see, but-

The word I keep coming back to is irresponsible. In a climate where the tabloids are screaming headlines like SEND IN ARMY TO HALT MIGRANT INVASION and IMMIGRANTS BRING MORE CRIME and THE ‘SWARM’ ON OUR STREETS, it is a terrible goddamn idea to do a story where a bunch of alien ‘immigrants’ decide to take over and kill all humans. Especially since, though we’re told the Zygons on Earth are mostly peaceful and decent, we don’t actually see those ones, just the evil ISIS-imagery ones. (Not counting Osgood for now, since she’s a ‘hybrid’). Even the ones who seem good and innocent – the family members at the church who the soldiers can’t shoot – are of course evil. Which is a trope I absolutely loathe, even when it’s done in a totally obvious and rather hamfisted way like it was here.

Annnnnnd finally the Zygons who had Clara replaced, in what was probably the creepiest scene in the episode, were all played by Indian actors. A little bit of not actively indulging in unfortunate implications would have helped, show.

Eh, that’s it really. Just a ton of unfortunate implications all over the place. I know this is a fairly cursory reading of a story that isn’t even done yet, but I really am majorly disappointed at the moment.