A Summary of Events



Title: A Summary of Events
PG13 I think, since it involves depression and murder and swearing and many unpleasant real-world scenarios, many of which are happening right now in fact
Thunderbirds/Thunderbirds Are Go

Summary: This is best described as ‘a look at how IR might function
in the real world’ except obviously it’s not quite the real world
because it’s several decades in the future and also after a war. I also
hope it’s not Dark And Gritty, but rather Pointed And Vaguely Satirical.

Features a bit of fourth-wall breaking, which starts…..now.

YEAR: 2070

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A Summary of Events

Oh my gosh I am in love this is just *perfect* just absolutely perfect I love everything about it it’s wonderful and beautifully judged and the tone is just gorgeous and the boys and Kayo are wonderful like I had an individual moment with each of them where I was like “yes, you go, kid, I’m rooting for you” and oh the tumblr and yes I liked this a lot read it read it now

!!!!! awwww, thank you so much for this, this was a really lovely comment to read. :D