so anyway just to clarify why the Poot Lovato meme is awful


  • making fun of a woman simply because of the way she looks is not funny. it’s misogynistic.
  • especially when the relevant photo of her was posted on the internet without her consent.
  • especially when said woman has suffered from body image issues all her life to the point where she self-harmed.
  • especially when said women told people to stop and was thus made fun of even more because “haha she can’t take a joke.”
  • it’s also not funny to joke about someone being locked up by their family for a significant portion of their life because that actually fucking happens.
  • especially since the implied reason for this in the context of the joke would be because of the way she looked when she was born – that’s ableist af.

and if you’re thinking of making a “I know this is you writing this, Poot” joke or whatever on this post then just save yourself the trouble and reveal yourself to me in my inbox so I can block you. thanks.