more Mad Max Fury Road thoughts

-I love how much you see the Wives looking after each other and being friends. I think a lesser movie would have had them break down and be stereotypically ‘catty’ to each other as the pressure builds, but it didn’t! None of them comment on each other’s looks or call each other gendered slurs or anything!

-I sometimes think about the fact that Max has that massive tattoo on his back with him most likely for life and I get sad.

-I wonder when the Wives scrawled ‘We Are Not Things’ etc on the wall. If it was just before they left than they were cutting things rather tight. Maybe Miss Giddy wrote it.

-The very obvious cuts on Angharad also make me sad, especially since we can assume (and Rosie H-W said in an interview) that she made them herself.

-I kinda wish they’d left in that scene where Miss Giddy is left with Angharad’s body in the desert, because without it you’re really left wondering what happened to her.

-I bet the People Eater is an Actual Cannibal, and that’s why he’s got so many diseases.

-I absolutely LOVE the ‘mourning’ gesture the Vuvalini do. It’s like a gesture of…catching someone’s soul in mid-air, or something. I also love how Furiosa and the Wives are kinda hesitant to use it at first, because they’ve most likely never seen it before/have forgotten it, but then start using it as the movie goes on.

-Also, Nux’s death is such a great scene precisely because of Capable’s use of this gesture. It’s like he doesn’t make his move until he knows his soul is safe in Capable’s hands. Oh Nux.

-As much as I’m okay with Furiosa’s story not having a sequel, I kinda want to know what happened next. Did she have to watch her back for fear that Immortan Joe still had a few living supporters out there? What arrangements did she come to with the Bullet Farm and Gas Town? How did she ensure that everyone was treated equally after generations of the opposite being the case? Luckily, I bet fanfiction can fill me in