some things i’ve learned about adulthood that no one warns you about


  • you will in fact continue to have acne past the age of twenty
  • you will eventually hit a point where you start to feel icky inside if you go too long without eating some sort of vegetables
  • depending on your current level of athleticism/physical activity as well as the kind of activities you did as a kid/teenager, your joints may start acting whack in your twenties, despite what everyone says about that not happening until middle age
  • eventually you will reach a point where you wonder how you were able to stay up until 3am nearly every night and be perfectly fine the next day (and this moment will come much younger than you expect)
  • it is much harder to meet new people after you’re done with school than sitcoms would have you believe
  • don’t let society tell you shit: it is perfectly acceptable to live with your parents after you graduate, there’s no need to be broke and miserable just so you can have some misguided attempt at independence straight out of school