Every single time


Okay, so in like, 8th grade, I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom. I took my bag and she didn’t question it bc she inferred what was up.
Apparently, after I left, some boy asked why I took my bag. My teacher said because I had to go to the bathroom. He kept asking why I took my bag to the bathroom, and all my teacher/other girls in the class said was “she had to go to the bathroom”. He was so confused

Okay, second story time. When I was 13, break had just finished so we piled into history class. Just as I sat down, I felt that delightful squelch and knew that the little red sister had arrived. So I went to my male history teacher.

Me: Please may I go to the toilet?
Him: I’m sorry but you’ve had all break time to go. Now sit down.
Me: Sir, please. I’m desperate.
Him: I’m losing my patience. Please sit down.
Me: I’ve just come on my period and there’s blood dripping down my trousers and out of my knickers, please may I go to the toilet?
Him: *Mumbles* Yes.

Teachers that do that are the worst, it’s like just let me pee I obviously need to its something we all have to do I’m sorry my bladder doesn’t fit in with your fucking schedule I’ll just piss on your chair shall i