Male announcers mock young women for taking selfies during a baseball game 

The clip starts with Arizona Diamondback announcers  Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly asking fans to tweet their strongest photo, but quickly devolves into the two men making fun of the girls for doing exactly what they asked. Besides this hypocrisy, this is pretty troubling considering the sexism and stereotypes surrounding female sports fans.

After being ridiculed by the announcers, these young women received apologies from FOX Sports and free tickets to an upcoming game. However, the girls – who are all members of Alpha Chi Omega sorority – decided to donate the tickets to a non-profit for domestic violence victims. Alpha Chi Omega’s national philanthropy is domestic violence awareness and October happens to be National Domestic Violence Awareness month, and these girls turned the network’s groveling into a selfless act while drawing attention to a worthy cause. Keep being gorgeous inside and out, ladies!

Girls fucking rock.

duck lips, forever @kellysue

Teach a girl from birth the the most valuable thing about her is her appearance, then mock her for believing you.  WELL PLAYED, PATRIARCHY.