DW Blog recs?



Can anyone recommend me some good Doctor Who news/meta blogs (on or off of Tumblr) with a mostly positive slant? I’m looking for meta and news and stuff, but the blog I used to go to for this is becoming more and more negative about the show and I’m finding it hard to handle. (I mean, it’s fine to be negative about the show if that’s how you feel, but I find it personally hard to handle and some of the way they discuss the 12th Doctor makes me pretty uncomfortable).

But I’m not sure how to find a new source of news and headcanons, so I’m wondering if anyone here has a good recommendation?

Sorry, I came across this in a search for meta, I figure it couldn’t hurt to answer. I don’t know so much about Doctor Who news. I feel like there are blogs dedicated just to that… and the official Doctor Who tumblr posts quite a bit, but mainly that’s just something that my entire dash lights up with whenever something happens.

Moffat era Doctor Who meta is kind of more where my strength lies. I write my own meta and reblog some, but I also run moffatappreciationlife, which is primarily dedicated to Moffat-written and Moffat era meta and commentary. I don’t say this for self-promotion purposes, but because even if the blog itself isn’t to your taste, it’s a pretty good window into what is out there. Almost all of the blogs I reblog from are very positive about the current era of Doctor Who and post a good amount of meta.

People immediately coming to mind are @abossycontrolfreak, @oh-hello-rusty, @littleironi, @thatsabsurrrrd, @orelseatlastsheunderstoodit and @lyricwritesprose. Definitely @achairforjane and @onaperduamedee, for some really beautiful, unique perspectives. Also, @scriptscribbles@capalxii@scarvesandcelery and @haruspis. If you don’t mind the occasional criticism, @bisexualamy, @taiey and @sarah531 come to mind as well, for some fantastic commentary.  I think @amy8benson doesn’t post much meta of her own, at least not on a regular basis, but I’ve recently been to her meta tag and it is a thing of beauty.

I’ll stop here. I also have this more or less up to date list, and many of these include meta, but I feel like it’s probably overwhelming enough up to here…