If sjw’s are ruining games how come all the independent games keep getting better and better at the same time that they’re getting more respectful while the AAA titles still pandering to the same old crowd keep getting more laughable both in content and in general quality

Here are a few examples of reasons that people say SJWs are ruining games:

Gone Home, Depression Quest, and more recently Sunset. These are three indie games which were praised by sites with an SJW bias, but largely panned by gamers because none of them had appealing or even interesting gameplay. In the case of Gone Home, common complaints were that the gameplay was so minimal that it might as well have been a movie (and that the plot was nothing to write home about). Similarly, Depression Quest didn’t offer much but clicking different buttons in menus, and Sunset was seen as focusing more on its ‘message’ than its gameplay (which, by all accounts, was clunky and frustrating to interact with).

So this is why people accuse SJWs of ruining games: because SJWs have been making and promoting games which neglect what actually makes games unique as an art form – the gameplay. It would be like making and shilling for movies that are simply spoken word over a black screen – that’s not a movie, it’s an audiobook.

Now, I would like to know: what games are you thinking of, OP? You say that independent games are getting “better” and “more respectful”, but what are the specific indie titles to which you are referring? Similarly, which triple-A titles are getting worse? (Oh, and I’m also curious why “games getting more respectful” and “games getting better” are related: correlation does not imply causation, after all.)

Interactive fiction with “minimalistic gameplay:”

  • Has always existed, and in fact constituted the first ever computer games.
  • Has always been steadily popular, and increased in frequency no more than any other format.
  • Hasn’t replaced or displaced the frequency of other game categories.
  • Is especially popular in the form of dating sims and especially porn games, which come out by the THOUSANDS every single year,  but apparently those don’t count and there’s only a problem when non-porn ones come out and happen to be too liberal, or something.

No part of your argument exhibits any conceivable way in which progressive attitudes damage the quality of games.

Literally all you did here was complain that you’re not a fan of one
particular, harmless gaming style, demonstrating newcomer ignorance to real gaming history.

  You talk as though a couple examples of a vast category were praised for progressive attitudes, you think it means that, somehow, “social justice” types are going to cause more games to be interactive fiction than they would be otherwise, even though just as many games of every single genre, format and style have also been praised for those reasons, because believe it or not, people who like to see positive treatment of human diversity in their entertainment do, in fact, enjoy the same kinds of games that you do and are not “outsiders” suddenly “pretending” to care about video games.

“These are three indie games which were praised by sites with an SJW
bias, but largely panned by gamers because none of them had appealing or
even interesting gameplay.“


Unless we are to assume that Metacritic, GameRankings, Polygon, the BAFTAs, Gizmag, the Sydney Morning Herald, The Washington Post, Digital Spy, IGN and many more are all part of this nefarious, loosely defined “SJW” club. omg!