so nyclu’s doing a banned books week thing where we take photos of people reading banned books and put them on our social media. it is my job to take these photos, but i have come down with my yearly Miserable Illness/Supervillain Origin Story and am currently in bed furiously drinking tea, shivering, and making unhappy noises at my thermometer.

SO: if any of you could take a photo of yourself or someone else reading a banned book (to kill a mockingbird, fahrenheit 451, catcher in the rye, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, the color purple, beloved, slaughterhouse 5– you know the kind of thing, here’s a list of commonly banned books, you can check it to see if you own any) and send it to me, i would be ETERNALLY grateful.

the style of the photo should be like this:

i.e., the book is very close to the person’s face, the eyes are visible just above the top of the book, the title of book is visible in the photo, the camera is close to both the book and the face.

if any of you are willing to do this (you’d be featured on the nyclu’s social media accounts! also you would have my undying, though very sick, gratitude!) and send me a photo by the end of this week, i would be UNBELIEVABLY GRATEFUL. thank you so so so much and you are all stars.

HEY, if you did this, check out the nyclu’s instagram – we’ve got two photos up already, yours might be one of them!

omg is this still going on? I have a frequently banned book (Noughts and Crosses) in my posession that I’d love to take photos of