I really want to know who is the next companion. Is there any rumors or something?





not really – not anything very concrete, anyway…
michelle keegan has been rumored long before jenna even announced she’s leaving (since mid-s8 or even before), but there’s something about her that just looks way too much like jenna, so i doubt she’s a realistic choice
also saw gemma chan’s name pop up a few days ago (she played one of the surviving astronauts in the waters of mars), whom i would approve of (woc! woc!!!), but i think she’s involved in a new successful tv show?? so idk how likely she is to join the show either
these are the two most interesting candidates i’ve seen so far
but to be frank i’m not really following the new companion speculation so i don’t actually know much

Ooh, I would love to see Gemma Chan!  IMDB links say that she is in something called Stratton, an action thriller, but it also says that filming has recently wrapped on that, so she may be free.  She was very good in “Waters of Mars,” and I think it’s been adequately proven that being on Doctor Who in one role is no barrier to coming back.

(Me, I would actually love a story about her former character re-encountering the Doctor.  They parted on the worst possible terms, and for a writer, that’s catnip.  But I acknowledge that something that continuity-heavy is probably better left to fanfiction, or Big Finish, rather than the main show.  The main show should always be comprehensible without continuity porn, even when it indulges in it, IMO.)

Gemma Chan is also starring in Humans which was renewed for a second season so that would get in the way of her joining Doctor Who, unless all the talk of season 10 being spilt are true in which case she might be able to fit it in 

I’ve had Gemma Chan on my list of women (alongside Amara Karan, Christina Chong, and Yasmin Bannerman) who have played NuWho characters but would be fantastic choices if brought back as new companions. And with Mia Bennett, her character didn’t even die, so you have the option of bring Mia back or creating a brand new character. Actually, Mia would be a very cool character to bring back if she get past her initial first meeting with Ten and his Time Lord Victorious actions. She’s from the moderate future, she’s not from the UK, she’s Asian, she’s a geologist, she’s an astronaut. Those are some things that break the Rose-Clara mold.

I would LOVE to see Gemma Chan as the new companion. She was amazing in Humans.

…sadly, so amazing that they’ll probably want to keep her