Favorite practical effects: The war rig vs. the berm

for redshoesnblueskies

#SERIOUSLY#WORLD BUILDING#YOU ARE SO USED#TO your vehicle being ON FIRE that you have built something into it#to use the excessive sand of your environment#to make it NO LONGer on fire#oh my god  (via whisperingkuiperbelt)

THIS!  Oh my god this. I was so fucking impressed over this seemingly simple little thing that it was THIS moment I knew my love for this damn film would not wain.  (and I know: there’s a LOT to love about the film but THIS HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS.)  It’s simple and it’s pure genius.  Because it’s not just about making use of the excessive sand but about the fact they don’t have water to waste on bathing let alone putting fire out on your damn rig.

Me and Brandi looked over at each other during this part and silently nodded like, ‘yes, smart, good’